New Issue of On_Culture: “Screened Alterities”

01. Dezember 2017

Issue 4 (Winter 2017) der kulturwissenschaftlichen Open Access Zeitschrift “On_Culture” widmet sich dem Thema “Screened Alterities: Alterities in the Newsreels of 1968 – 50 Years Later.”

Auszug aus dem Editorial: The focus of the fourth issue of On_Culture is the presentation of ‘alterity’ in newsreels. This issue comes as a result of ‘The 1968 Newsreel’ collaborative research project, led by doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers at the International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC), Justus Liebig University Giessen. Members from the GCSC Research Area 8: Cultures of Knowledge, Research, and Education and from RA 5: Media and Multiliteracy Studies launched the project in 2014 together with the working group Film und Filmtheorie. Throughout the last four years, over ten associates of the project have organized workshops and master classes and have held regular meetings to discuss individual, nationally focused research on newsreels and broader theoretical-methodological issues.