Neues Themenheft „Sacred Spaces“ (Saeculum 71/2 (2021)

07. Juni 2022

In the study of culture, a multi-perspective and theoretically informed engagement with aspects of religion as a cultural system remains a desideratum. Such topics as cultural constructions of the sacred, post/secularity or non-religion, notions of the religious and the secular sacred, mediatization and (de-)institutionalization of religious beliefs, symbols, and practices not only offer stimulating enrichment for the analytical horizon of cultural research. They also provide valuable contact zones for exchange beyond disciplinary boundaries and beyond the academic realm. Conversely, the subject of ‘sacred space’ demonstrates the importance of a transnational perspective and a self-reflective conceptual approach in the exploration of the complex dynamics, frictions, and cultural imaginations at work.

Abstracts of the Contributions to the Special Issue „Sacred Spaces: Cultural Dynamics, Interdisciplinary Perspectives“